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Support and FAQ

This page attempts to address common support issues and frequently asked questions (FAQ).  If you cannot find the answer you are looking for here, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected].  I make every attempt to answer each email that I receive, but due to other work please allow for at least a week for me to respond.  Thank you for your patience.

General Questions

  1. The music sounds terrible!  Is there any way to make it better?

  2. I have a different or external MIDI synthesizer.  How can WinKaraoke Player and Creator use it?

  3. I can't hear any sounds or music!

  4. Can you play or create CD+G karaoke discs with WinKaraoke software?

  5. Can you play or create Star3 files with WinKaraoke software?  What about XYZ karaoke format?

WinKaraoke Player Questions

  1. I get a Runtime Error 380 when I try to play a song.  What's wrong?

  2. I have a microphone plugged into my computer.  Can I have my voice come out of my speakers with the music?

  3. Can I record my singing with the music?

  4. How do I find more songs, and how do I load them into the program?

WinKaraoke Creator Questions

  1. Is this program set up correctly?  It doesn't look quite right.

  2. How does this program work?  Can you give me basic instructions?

  3. The files I create using this program cause my karaoke player to crash.

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