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WinKaraoke Player and Creator

WinKaraoke Player 1.5

WinKaraoke Player is a MIDI karaoke player for Windows 95/98. It supports all MIDI synthesizers through the Windows MIDI Mapper. In addition, you can customize the display of lyrics including:

WinKaraoke Creator 1.2

WinKaraoke Creator is a MIDI karaoke editor and creation utility for Windows 95/98. It saves fully compatible Type 1 Soft Karaoke files. The editor offers:

WinKaraoke Player and Creator are now FREE postcard-ware.  There is no fee for using the programs, but if you enjoy using them, I'd love to hear about it- please send me a picture postcard from where you live.  I hope to acquire an interesting collection of picture postcards from around the world!  For more information see the Postcards page...

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