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In 1994, I purchased a new sound card for my PC- one of the original Gravis UltraSound cards- and was introduced to the world of wavetable MIDI synthesizers.  The ability to have low-cost, high quality MIDI synthesis on a personal computer astounded me, and as I scoured the Internet collecting music I stumbled onto a variant of the standard MIDI file- the karaoke file.

I then used my new interest in MIDI and karaoke files as the basis for a series of programming exercises with the intention of learning how to program using Visual Basic for Windows.  These experiments would eventually culminate into WinKaraoke Player.

However, it wasn't until after the release of Windows 95 and Visual Basic 4.0 in late 1995 that I actually realized I could simply package up those initial experiments and release them as an application.  After a quick re-compile of the source code, WinKaraoke Player 1.0 was released as Shareware in late 1995/early 1996.  Later, version 1.5 was released which added a few nice new features to the program.

WinKaraoke Player and Creator are now FREE postcard-ware.  There is no fee for using the programs, but if you enjoy using them, I'd love to hear about it- please send me a picture postcard from where you live.  I hope to acquire an interesting collection of picture postcards from around the world!  For more information see the Postcards page...

Thanks to all those who registered the program while it was Shareware...
Francis Li
WinKaraoke Author

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