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Co-founder/Technology Advisor, San Francisco, CA
May 2013 – Present
The mission of DohJe is to improve healthcare through gratitude. DohJe means "Thank You" in Cantonese. DohJe is a tool for caregivers to directly receive, respond to, and store inspirational notes and photos online. Using DohJe raises staff morale, reduces attrition, and provides new insights on performance that goes beyond traditional surveys.

VP User Experience Technology, San Francisco, CA
January 2015 – April 2017
Wrap Media
Wrap is a mobile-first marketing and commerce platform that provides a beautiful world of storytelling in bite-size moments that get and hold attention.

Co-founder/CTO, San Francisco, CA
May 2014 – Jan 2015
Bitlogica is a boutique high technology and venture accelerator based in Silicon Valley. We work with large and small organizations around the word, providing growth and scalability via innovation, IP strategies, and product vision. We are a group of visionary and creative engineers, designers, leaders, CTOs with a deep experience scaling companies and resolving hard problems. We love to help small ventures get big and large companies innovate like when they were small.

Consultant, San Francisco, CA
January 2012 – May 2014
Worked as a freelance consultant for startups and Fortune 500 companies across a broad spectrum of projects from early-stage protyping to production-ready web and native mobile applications.

Yiip, San Francisco, CA
July 2011 – December 2011
Adapted the AudioPress platform for Yiip, a social voice messaging application.

AudioPress, San Francisco, CA
September 2009 – December 2011
Led the design and development of the AudioPress platform and mobile app. AudioPress is your single source audio digest for spoken word content. Featured by Apple upon launch in the AppStore in October 2010 and picked as a Top Trend in New News apps in iTunes Rewind 2010.

Tiny Pictures, San Francisco, CA
February 2008 – February 2009
VP, Product
Led the product team in designing and developing Radar across desktop web, mobile web & apps, third-party social networks, and messaging. Assisted in business strategy and partner engagement.

February 2007 – February 2008
Director, Mobile
Designed and developed the Radar mobile app, mobile website, and SMS alerts program. Supervised in-house porting of the mobile app.

January 2006 – January 2007
Sr. Mobile Developer
Architected and developed the Radar Java ME mobile app.

Glu Mobile, San Mateo, CA
December 2003 – December 2005
Software Engineer
Developed Java ME games and networked apps, contributed to concept development and user interface design, prototyping, and evaluation.

MetaDesign AG, Berlin, Germany
July 2002 – September 2002
Intern, IconMobile Solutions
Prototyped new services for mobile phones and wireless networks, including designing for the i-Mode platform and location-based network, next generation handsets, and the Java ME application platform.

Sun Microsystems Laboratories, Mountain View, CA
May 2000 – August 2000
Researcher Intern, Network Communities Group
Assisted in the design and development of Awarenex, a system that provides awareness information for initiating communication between users of mobile and desktop computing and communication devices.

Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA
January 1999 – August 1999
Researcher Intern, Collaborative & Multimedia Systems Group
Assisted in the development and evaluation of the Microsoft Research Annotation System (MRAS). Also the principal investigator in the design and evaluation of software for browsing and skimming digital video.
Concept development
Participatory design (brainstorming, affinity diagramming), storyboarding and experience prototyping, rapid prototyping on actual technology platforms

Wireframing, PRD/specification writing, engineering management and bug tracking
Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Docker, Amazon Web Services, Heroku

Mobile and embedded
Apple iOS (Objective-C & Swift), Google Android, Apache Cordova, Arduino

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Angular, Processing/P5js, jQuery

Gray Area Foundation, San Francisco, CA
Spring 2017
Teaching assistant for the Creative Code Immersive workshop.

California College of Art, San Francisco, CA
Fall 2011
Instructor for Programming for Interaction, in the Interaction Design graduate program. Programming and prototyping software and physical computing electronics in Processing and Arduino.

RailsBridge Women in Rails Open Workshops
December 10-11, 2010
February 4-5, 2011
Volunteer instructor. Introduction to Ruby on Rails and Internet software engineering.

California College of Art, San Francisco, CA
October 12, 2008
Processing workshop.

MobileCampSF2, San Francisco, CA
June 14, 2008
Mobile Processing session.

MobileCampSF, San Francisco, CA
November 3, 2007
Mobile Processing session.

UbiComp 07, Innsbruck, Austria
September 16, 2007
Presenter and participant in the Mobile and Ubiquitous User Experience workshop.

Mobilized!, New York, NY
May 6, 2007
Mobile Processing workshop.

The Art Institute of California, San Francisco, CA
July 12, 2006 – September 27, 2006
Games for the Net, Summer 2006.

Atmosferas, Lisbon, Portugal
May 15, 2006 – May 19, 2006
Mobile Processing workshop.

The Art Institute of California, San Francisco, CA
January 14, 2006 – March 25, 2006
Games for the Net, Winter 2006.
Extension 7: Mobile
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Supporting Collaborative Teams in Engineering Education
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End-User Perceptions of Formal and Informal Representations of Web Sites
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ConNexus to Awarenex: Extending awareness to mobile users
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Browsing Digital Video
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A Framework for Asynchronous Collaboration Around Multimedia and its Application to On-Demand Training
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NotePals: Lightweight Note Sharing by the Group, for the Group
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NotePals: Sharing and Synchronizing Handwritten Notes with Multimedia Documents
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Wrap package of cards supporting transactional advertising
Eric H. Greenberg, John M. Garris, Ian McFarland, Jon Stevens, Francis C. Li, Dana A. Levine, Mark E. Rolston, Jared L. Ficklin, Sylvio H. Drouin, inventors. Wrap Media, assignee. United States patent US 9,448,972. September 20, 2016.

Wrap descriptor for defining a wrap package of cards including a global component
Eric H. Greenberg, Francis C. Li, Dana A. Levine, inventors. Wrap Media, assignee. United States patent US 9,442,906. September 13, 2016.

Skimming continuous multimedia content
Anoop Gupta, Li-wei He, Francis C. Li, Yong Rui, inventors. Microsoft Corporation, assignee. United States patent US 7,506,356. March 19, 2009.
Interaction Design Institute Ivrea
Masters in Interaction Design, 2003

University of California, Berkeley
M.S. Computer Science, College of Engineering, 2001

University of California, Berkeley
B.A. Computer Science, College of Letters and Science, 1998
Highest Honors in Computer Science
Highest Distinction in General Scholarship
Member: Phi Beta Kappa National Honor Society
Member: Golden Key National Honor Society
Member: Upsilon Pi Epsilon (Honor Society for the Computing Sciences)

Santa Rosa Junior College
Member: Phi Theta Kappa (Honor Society for Two-Year Colleges)
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